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Imagine if Ipswich were to have its own namesake biscuit. Something delicious with the word ‘Ipswich’ clearly stamped or pricked or marked on it. Can we get the town known for a great bake?

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This is a competition about taste, place and memory. Ipswich is made up of all sorts of people and we are proud to call it home.

We want to taste your biscuit creations and hear your stories about Ipswich, if your family has been here for as long as anyone can remember, or if you are someone who has come here recently.

Whether it’s sweet or savoury we want to find a winning biscuit that will showcase our local talents, knowledge and skills to the world.

The competition is free to enter and is open to individuals, friends, families, groups and colleagues. Plus there is a cash prize up for grabs. Might the winning recipe be yours?


“The Ipswich Biscuit Competition is a brilliantly collaborative, inventive and thoughtful project from the Pacitti Company in which we can all take part and I cannot wait to taste the results. Let’s make an edible ambassador for Ipswich. I am both happy and proud to back the bake.”

Councillor Jan Parry, Mayor of Ipswich

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Get creative and think about Ipswich


Dream up an original recipe then make and bake your very own biscuits. Be sure to write down your recipe and take a photograph of your cooked biscuits. Upload that image, along with your recipe, to the entry form on this website. This asks for your name and contact details, along with optional space for you to share any story about life in Ipswich that accompanies your biscuit. Please be sure to read and understand the rules of the Ipswich Biscuit Competition on this website before you make an entry.

Your biscuit could be based on your favourite flavours, just because you like them. Maybe you’ll use an ingredient that reminds you of someone or somewhere you love. Or perhaps you have something growing in a window box or garden that you think could feature. Whatever it is, be sure to share that story with us when you send your entry in. Even if it’s simply that you LOVE chocolate! The winner will be announced in December and the finished packaged Ipswich Biscuit launched at SPILL Festival in 2020.

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Why an Ipswich Biscuit?


County Town of Suffolk, Ipswich is home to around 137,000 people. Ipswich was once an extremely significant English port and has a long history of becoming home to migrants and settlers, all adding to the rich cultural mix of the town. Issues many of us care about locally are also commonplace around the country: a need to support more businesses, especially independents, improving housing, health, education, transport infrastructure and prioritising jobs. The town can feel a bit down on its luck and there are definitely serious issues for Ipswich to attend to, including crime, but it’s worth remembering that Suffolk is still a relatively low crime county.

Against this backdrop, potential remains high and lots of great people consider Ipswich their home. We are lucky to have a strong cultural offer, wonderful green spaces and a recent study found that manufacturing growth across the town outstripped that of London. So the area is one of mixed fortunes, meaning considerations around place, nutritional health and wellbeing are serious. We know that it takes much more than a biscuit to solve the issues of the town. But we believe that projects such as the Ipswich Biscuit afford us good opportunities to come together meaningfully, to display some pride in who we are, where we live and what we want.

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We are Pacitti Company, an arts organisation based in Ipswich


The Ipswich Biscuit Competition has been created by Pacitti Company, a not for profit arts organisation based on the High Street. We make projects locally, nationally and internationally. We also make the SPILL Festival of Performance and run events, classes and talks from our Think Tank building, next to Ipswich Museum.

Find out more about our rolling work and the events we offer that you can get involved with by visiting the Pacitti Company website. We have lots of treats lined up for the future, so be sure to join our mailing list at the bottom of this page for updates and don’t forget to check out SPILL Festival. It returns in 2020.

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By yourself, with family, friends or colleagues - have you got the magic recipe for an original Ipswich Biscuit?


Fancy a free recipe sheet to get you started? Or an information pack to
learn about the history of biscuits?


Come to the free Ipswich Biscuit Gala in December. Taste the shortlisted biscuits and help pick the winner.